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Vog Off!    Thank you for making this fabulous product!!! It works and there are no BAD side effects only GOOD side effects—no more coughing and choking,  no more itchy irritated eyes!! Again, mahalo!!! Liana

VOG OFF!  I'm not selling this but I am trying to give public notice in these toxic VOG times. It coats and protects throat lungs and gets rid of headaches. When I first moved here the big was so bad I thought I'd have to move off island I was so severely sick from vog! Then I found this life saver!-- Lexi


I started seeing Shone Edel in January 2017 for a chronic cough that I had for two years that the doctors were unable to stop. Around six months later I cannot remember when my last coughing episode was.  Along with stopping my chronic coughing within the time of six months, Shone also lowered my high blood pressure and took care of my diabetes. I am no longer taking prescription medications from doctors for blood pressure and diabetes, only the homeopathic remedies from Shone Edel. Shone has also improved my digestion, immune system, headaches, inflammation, focus, energy and emotional issues.

Thank you Shone for your experience and knowledge.               Brenda Texeira


I started working with Shone about a year and a half ago to treat a persistent rash that would not respond to any medical treatments. The rash turned out to be a paraneoplastic syndrome rash-a manifestation of a cancerous tumor growing inside me. I was diagnosed with cancer in August of last year. Thankfully I already had Shone traveling with me on my life path, and she saw me through the surgery and chemotherapy treatments that followed. I'm very thankful for her knowledge and support. I have successfully completed chemo treatment without having had experienced any nausea or scar tissue. I continue to use her remedies to live healthfully. Her knowledge and love and encouragement have made my journey much easier and successful than it would have been without her. I highly recommend Shone and am thankful to have her with me on my life path.              Elaine


I am delighted to recommend Shone Edel's Maui Homeopathy. I was suffering from congestion and coughing until I started taking the remedies she gave to me, "Breathe On" and "Asthma Relief". I had been on prescription drugs without relief and these non-drug remedies have helped me so much. I highly recommend Shone and appreciate her vast homeopathy knowledge and experience.        Dave

October 6, 2017                 Shone has been my doctor for fifteen years. With her support, I've gotten through three bouts of a fatal form of skin cancer, without chemo or radiation. Cannot recommend more highly! Nadine Naia Newlight  

Mahalo Nui Loa! Received it yesterday and can breathe again. It's amazing ALL my symptoms disappear. No more runny nose, headaches, itchy eyes and sore throat!! Truly is Vog Off!! Thanks again. Blessings  Gayle, Maui


Aloha Shone and Froyam!

I just met Froyam at the Farmer's Market in Honokawai. I just want to say thanks for making the Vog Off. Three members of my family are greatly affected by the vog, but when using the Vog Off, they have little to no symptoms! We have been using it for over a year now. Keep up the great work!

Aloha, Kari Adams  1/27/17


Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I have suffered from nervous hives in my throat for about 5 years.  I have seen countless doctors and supposed specialists.  I happened upon your Breathe On spray in a store on Maui and decided to give it a try.  It is the only thing that has given me relief from the constant itching.  Thank you so so much.  I also suffer from severe vertigo so I am going to give your Motion Sickness remedy a try. Mahalo!

Diane, Michigan  2/14/17

Vog Off!  

I love your VOG OFF! product. I have been on Oahu now for fifteen months. Last year, when the vog got bad in May, I had the worst asthma attack of my life, and spent six days in the hospital. By the time my boyfriend found the VOG OFF!, I was already over a week into the episode that led to my hospitalization. Since then, I use it regularly when the air looks hazy, and find that it soothes my symptoms, and has a pretty cool side effect. I am a vocalist, and when I use it... I notice my vocal chords feeling more relaxed, and my tone less raspy (though raspy is kinda my niche - lol). I love it!      Epiphany, Oahu 1/12/201

Homeopathic remedies are vibrational and subtle methods for healthy living They are also grossly misunderstood by the general public. Shone combines her intuitive kinesthetic skills with her vast knowledge of classical homeopathic methods and remedies to navigate her patients to good health both in mind and body. Who or what could deliver such a promise?! Certainly not allopathy or pharmaceuticals!!! My miniature poodles ' neurotic behavior continued for 8 long years until I met Shone. Now his abandonment issues and skin problems are under control thanks to Shone's expertise. My standard poodles ' digestive problems and overall health AND yours truly have greatly improved thanks to Shone's directives. Open your mind tothe ancient practice of homeopathy and Shone's healing techniques and you just might experience a miracle!!     Denning Chambers


Since 2010 I've relied on Shone's amazing formulas especially since my grandson was born last year on Maui. When my children were babies, I used to use Vitamin E capsules on their bottoms or a calendula ointment, and know first-hand that Shone's Organic Calendula Oil is a miraculous product for my grandson, and for any scratches I need to treat. Also, her Vog Off! formula works wonders even when we've had those heavy voggy days. The low energy and headaches that I was suffering are relieved in minutes after 3 sprays of her Vog Off! in my throat. Shone has also helped me fine tune my health with her other specific remedies especially after a concussion from a car accident I had in 2014." Maggie R … Kihei

Shone has treated me for fourteen years, and has supported my healing through aches, pains, and three bouts of (a potentially fatal form of) cancer. Her remedies work! Plus, I use her natural products as part of my personal care daily regime. I love her sound healing sessions, and I come out of them totally relaxed, and ready to meet whatever comes at me. I highly recommend Shone, especially for "incurable" conditions (and keiki).---Naia Newlight

 "I have a severe scalp problem and Maui Homeopathy’s Calendula Oil is a Godsend! It’s been a crucial aid in repairing the damaged areas of skin in less time than with any other oil or agent. THANK YOU, SHONE!"        Greg P, Los Angeles

 "For me, Shone Edel has been my angel.  I really don't think I would be here now without Shone's homeopathic remedies and her amazing insight into what needs to be addressed.  Then, even more, she has the ability to come up with the exact right formula for what I need.   Her healing methods come from intense, focused homeopathic and other training, combined with her dedicated caring, put into action.  I cannot say enough good about what her work is doing for me, on many levels.  Since I was twelve years old, I have had major heart problems, and after only one week on her heart tonic, I was able to stop my prescription heart medication and now six months later I am still off of it. Amazing.  Shone is truly one of the rare gifted healers, and I am so grateful that I was lead to her.  I highly recommend Shone for everyone.  Thank you, Shone."          -Uilani Powers

  "Shone, you are an angel. Anyone that has been lucky enough to have you work with them is truly blessed. You are a true healer. You care about each and every patient. Their total well being is your first priority always! Keep doing what you do. Thank you"    Jazzie.... California 

"This is a "heart" testimonial. I have been a patient of Shone Edel for over 10 years. I believe that I am alive and well because of her brilliant care and abilities. Thank you Shone for guiding, directing me and so many others. I know how busy that you are yet you never short change me even a minute. So grateful. Thank you so much. Keep up the great work"-- Sharyn

“I’ve been suffering from allergies for years, particularly in the morning and after meals: coughing, congestion, runny nose…was preventing me from truly enjoying my morning runs, exercising the way I want to, and bothering me at the office. Have tried asthma pumps - which only made my heartbeat go faster, natural nose cleanse morning and night, nasal sprays, nothing would work. SMOG OFF! is the ONLY product which has worked effectively at stopping my allergies. It clears up my throat immediately, coughing stops, lungs are clear, I can breathe, I can run and my heart beat is improved. SMOG OFF! has actually allowed me to significantly increase my cardio workouts. I can no longer live without it.  I always carry a bottle wherever I go. Thank you Maui Homeopathy.” --C. Losson, 2014


"Huge shout out to Shone Edel! Thank you so much for helping me. The next chapter in the centipede saga: 10 days after the bite it became infected. I did all the infection "to do's" and it was still getting worse by the hour. Luckily, I found Shone, a homeopath. She met me and set me up with a remedy, Calendula Oil, and another herbal remedy. Day one, I was 75% better. Day two, 100%. Another victory for natural remedies!"--K. Gravesen

 “Shone Edel has shown to be a very astute and skilled homeopath who understands human nature very well. Using homeopathic remedies before, during and after surgery, helped me go through that experience with almost no pain. My orthopedic surgeon was amazed at the rapidity of my recovery and healing. I kept telling her about homeopathy. Finally after months of her documenting my recovery she became a supporter of homeopathy and wrote a letter thanking me. Before dental surgery, Shone Edel worked with me with a new ‘no fear’ remedy, as well as the other homeopathic remedies to help with all physical healing. The result was a miracle. Not only dental-related, but it affected my whole life, in business, and with my self-esteem.”   --C. Pratt, 2014

 "Whenever I have to breathe smoke and start to cough, I take three sprays of BREATHE ON! The relief is instant and I use it daily." --Secret Smoker, 2014


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