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Maui Homeopathy has created Environmental Oral Healing Sprays for our polluted world. Smog and air pollution are the #1 universal problems affecting every living thing on our planet. Vog is a combination of Smog and volcanic gases which are extremely harmful to everyone. Volcanos go off constantly around the planet.

All  our proprietary blends for the oral sprays are safe, non-toxic, effective and user-friendly.

All of  our products have been developed with the intention of harmlessness.

 Froyam and Shone Edel.  Hana, Maui


Bio: Shone Edel

I was born on the island of Montreal, Canada, and attended University there. In 1972, I started an interior design business, which was not only a great passion for me, but also afforded me the opportunity to work with some wonderful clients, travel internationally and do creative work. Unfortunately (so it seemed, at the time), the economy took a downward turn, allowing me to go back to school to study holistic healing. During five years of study,I fell in love with homeopathy, now my greatest passion. 

In July of 1996, I came to Maui for a month, and stayed six weeks. My studies were almost complete in Montreal, and I had the honor to further my knowledge with David Little, an expert homeopath. I was sad when David left for India in 1997, to continue his practice and write his book. 

It was during the summer of 1996, that I met Froyam Edel, through  mutual friends. Froyam was an interesting and colorful man, who had lived with David Little on Maui, and embraced homeopathy. We spent time together that summer and our friendship grew. When I left in August, I thought I might move here in January, at the earliest.

That July, I had been introduced to my first patient on Maui, Karen, from Canada, who was dying of cancer. I saw her on a regular basis until I left in August, but, as her condition was deteriorating, I thought I would not see her again. Back in Montreal, while out walking with a girlfriend, I received a “message” telling me to “return to Maui, now.”  The pull was so strong that I could not deny it. When I returned to Maui, Karen was still alive. I continued to treat her and she was always happy after our sessions. She passed on in early December. I still have the Buddha she gave me and will always remember her joie de vivre.

After relocating to Maui (on October 7, 1997-- everyone remembers their date of arrival on Maui!), my friendship with Froyam continued. At that time, he was one hundred pounds overweight, loved food and was a great cook, too. He was a fun person, and we got along very well.

In May, Froyam invited me out to Hana, and we had our “first kiss,” a magical moment for us both; the rest is history. We have been very married for seventeen years, and I have never been so happy. This wonderful man understands and respects me, in all ways. We opened a fruit stand, where we worked together (very hard), had a lot of fun, met great people and raised the bar for all the other eateries in Hana. We were even on A&E, in a special about Hawaii.

In 2002, Froyam started Whale Song Realty, Inc. as the principal broker. I was a co-owner, although not a realtor. He loved telling people he worked for me! In 2004, we had an opportunity to buy a beautiful piece of raw jungle in Hana, where we created our paradise.  We were on the building crew of our house and, meanwhile, lived in two trailers on the property. Simultaneously, we planted fruit trees and made our garden.

I continued seeing patients in Hana, in those trailers, and I began to realize that people were suffering from the VOG that we have in Hawaii (a product of the erupting volcano on the Big Island). My VOG OFF! was  invented, and my patients raved!  They urged me to market it and, in 2011, I began to sell it to stores throughout Hawaii, through Maui Homeopathy LLC.  I make the products, and Froyam is the Director of Sales and Marketing.

One product lead to another. We were asked to create something for people who suffer from the effects of the sugar cane burning here, and we created Cane Smoke Off!. I had also been making arnica and calendula oils, just for ourselves, which were ultra-potent. When I started selling them, I did not compromise the quality, because I was still using them myself.  

These products were well received by all the stores, and our line continued to grow. Now we have men’s and women’s products, sleep products, products for the heart, high blood pressure, motion sickness, asthma and energy. We also make Smog Off!, Kids' Throat Spray, and Breathe On! (for people who are exposed to smoke, or do smoke). Froyam jokes about us, being the “Off and Ons”!

I have had my homeopathic practice, both in Hana and the “other side” of the island since 2004. I just moved into my new office in Wailuku, my first to really call my own, and I am thrilled. I have been blessed with wonderful patients who are benefiting from the harmlessness of homeopathy (I was even successful in treating people for Dengue Fever, after we had an outbreak here just after 9/11).

All our products are organic and made here on Maui, with love and aloha.

Bio: Froyam Edel

I arrived on Maui in May of 1976, and moved straight to Hana, a small town, not near anywhere. I was in and out of businesses, until I met my wife, Shone, who is my corner stone and also my alchemist.

Practicing homeopathy is her passion, and I came along for the ride, as Director of Marketing for Maui Homeopathy LLC, maker of healing products for our polluted world and our ailing  population. As I had studied Homeopathy with David Little before Shone came to Maui, I am able to understand and help with our business.

I am a non-practicing certified Yoga teacher, a cook, and I can fix most things that break around the house (a skill which I learned while refurbishing my 100-foot schooner).

 We own a real estate company, the only one in Hana Town. I have two full-time jobs, Principal Broker for Whale Song Realty, Inc. and Director of Marketing for Maui Homeopathy LLC. 

Because an e-commerce web site will lessen needing to leave Hana and travel to other parts of the island or other islands, the future is the world. VOG and SMOG are everywhere on this planet, and we have the products that work for these problems. The plan is to help as many people as possible while having fun doing it. I believe in the enjoyment of life for all and this is the objective of our products.





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